What We Do

CareChampions is your patient advocacy service in the Columbus Ohio area. CareChampions is here to help with your health and the health care system. Sometimes the health care system can be confusing and difficult to manage and you need an advocate. Columbus Patient Advocacy relieves the stress, eliminates the confusion and increases the clarity.

    As your Patient Advocate the services we offer include:

    • helping you navigate the health care system,
    • upon your request, attending provider appointments
    • explaining and helping you understand┬áprovider recommendations
    • advocating for you
    • coaching you and
    • turning your confusion into clarity

    As your Patient Advocate we also

    • make sure you understand the process,
    • contact doctors and other health care providers to schedule appointments or ask your questions, and
    • help you with your concerns.

    If you wish, as your patient advocate, we will also attend appointments with you, to listen and talk to medical professionals. We can help you understand what is being said and help you ask about any questions or concerns.

    We relieve some of the burden you face as a patient or as a caregiver.


    We also, as your advocate, offer coaching that encourages you to think of ways to care for yourself in addition to those you love. We will be your guide and help you to:

    • better manage stress,
    • find ways to take time for yourself,
    • decide how you want to manage an illness, or

    We can also help you talk through concerns, to figure out the best way to solve a problem.

    Dealing with an illness can be difficult. As your coach we help you focus on feeling better.

    Through a caring relationship developed with only you in mind, we help you talk through your concerns and understand the best way to resolve them.