News, Notes and Thoughts

Welcome to CareChampions. We will be using this space to talk about news, happenings, health, health care, health and wellness coaching developments, and patient advocacy. Please respond by posting your thoughts on what we are talking about, or suggest an idea to discuss. If you wish to talk to us, please contact us.

Lets start by talking about patient advocacy. What is patient advocacy and what is a patient advocate? A patient advocate is someone who can help you with health care by guiding or navigating for you, advocating for and speaking up for your needs, and help with understanding what is happening. Patient advocates are available to help with navigating the health care system if you are elderly or if you have a chronic health condition, or if you have a disease such as cancer. There is a lot of information you can look for to help you, I would suggest maybe starting with this: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, National Cancer Institute. I feel that these are good explanations and definition of patient advocacy. I would also recommend that you look for a patient advocate at websites such as The Advoconnection Directory. I always find it helpful to do some looking around to understand what I want and what I am looking for, although I know that the information can sometimes be overwhelming. It can help to have someone to help you understand the information.

What thoughts and questions do you have about patient advocacy? I first became interested in becoming a patient advocate when family near to me became ill, and I saw how help and understanding could ease the way. I also know many people are in the same situation and could use some help, whether for them or their family. We will have future postings on wellness, stress management, and navigating the health care system? What thoughts or concerns do you have about healthcare?