Who We Are


Rachel Jaffy, J.D., M.P.H., has a twenty year background in the legal field. As an attorney, she helped workers who were injured in their employment receive workers’ compensation and medical benefits. During this time Raschel specialized in the workers compensation system and worked with clients who were dealing with medical issues, medical providers, and third party payers. From doing that work, she developed an understanding of the health care system and an interest in helping people understand what is happening.

She received her Master’s of Public Health from the Ohio State University College of Public Health in 2015 so that she could better serve and help people resolve their problems with the health care system. Rachel is also a certified wellcoach, allowing her to focus on coaching people to manage stress, health and wellness issues.

Rachel’s background as an advocate and knowledge of healthcare, health and wellness inspired her to start CareChampions to help patients and caregivers, to be a voice for them and to listen to and help with their concerns.