Patient Advocacy for you–let us help you turn your confusion into clarity.

As your Patient Advocate we will

  • be your voice by attending health care appointments with you if you want us to be there
  • be an extra voice to speak up and be a patient advocatefor you

If you have aging parents, an adult child, or another friend or family member who need or desire

  • to be accompanied to appointments when you can’t take time off from work
  • help but you do not live in the Columbus metropolitan area
  • a greater understanding of what is going on and what the doctors are saying
  • we are here to provide patient advocacy for you.

To help you navigate your or your family member’s health concerns, CareChampions also offers to help you by

  • being a referee for medical, care or living arrangement disputes
  • offering health and wellness coaching to deal with stress, improving your health and wellness or to think about lifestyle change

CareChampions, your Columbus and central Ohio area patient Advocate, understands that health issues and the health care system are stressful for you and your family. Carechampions is here to help you with navigation of the system and health and wellness coaching guidance. We are here as advocates to help you speak up about your questions and to coach you along the way. Carechampions, as your advocate, can help you by listening to your concerns, help you with thinking of ways to resolve disputes, and offer health coaching so that you feel more in control of your health, less stress and more balance.

    CareChampions, your Columbus area Patient Advocates, are here to help you.┬áCall us today at (614) 944-8627, or fill out our contact form and we’ll call you. Your initial consultation is free.

    Our mission is to:

    • turn your confusion into clarity
    • be your voice
    • listen to, care and understand what you are going through